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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur: 8:00am - 5:00pm
To set an appointment please call 785.760.0695

Welcome to our clinic

A different approach to healing. A health plan unique to you.
Ensures personal attention with longer visit times.

We address the root of illness, not just the symptoms. Our approach is excellent for chronic issues, when conventional medicine has not achieved relief, and is a
great way to maximize wellness and vitality.

  • Vital Energy
    This approach differs radically from that of orthodox medicine, where the emphasis is on the diagnosis and treatment of the symptoms of disease, and where illness is usually regarded in terms of local disorders affecting specific organs or parts of the body.…
  • Balance
    Whereas orthodox doctors are interested in knowing what kind of disease a person has, holistic practitioners are more interested in finding out what kind of person has that disease. Whereas the primary aim of a conventional doctor is to diagnose the patient's…
  • Mind and Body
    In holistic medicine, body and mind are regarded as one integral function, rather than separate mechanisms, and there is an emphasis on mental and emotional states and the effect these have on health and well-being. Another feature of holistic medicine which distinguishes…

Our services

Integrative Medicine
Advanced Cardiac Testing and Management
Personalized Nutrition Testing and Management
Genetic Analysis
Food Allergy Testing
Gut Biome Testing and Probiotic Balancing
Nutraceutical Management
Herbal Medicine
Meditation Training
Trigger Point Injections
And Much More
Examples of Conditions Treated
Chronic Fatigue
Leaky Gut
Adrenal Fatigue
Chronic Migraine
Heavy Metal Exposure
'Brain Fog'
Chronic Pain
Chemical Sensitivites
Weight Loss
Allergies and Asthma
Preconception Care
Menopause symptoms
Depression and Anxiety
And Much More
Coordination with your Alternative Medicine Providers
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Rolfing and Body Work
Reiki and Energy Work
Physical Therapy
Personal Training
Psychotherapy and Hypnosis

What people have to say about us...

  • RESTART – A new way of life.

    "I am a female that is significantly overweight.  I knew I needed to lose weight, but was content with putting it off until tomorrow- a happy place I lived in for four years.  When a group of friends decided to do RESTART, I figured “why not”.  After the first meeting I was terrified- this was something…

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  • Renewed Energy

    I love that I feel cared for and loved during our time together. I am very pleased with the course of action that you have prescribed. I felt renewed energy after leaving the appointment knowing that I would be optimizing my health and vitality.

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  • Education and Experience

    I am excited to work on improving my health in partnership with Dr. Neela Sandal. His kind attentive listening, his education and experience with integrative medicine and his big brown eyes will make this journey enjoyable and successful.

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  • Exactly What I’ve Been Looking For

    I am very grateful to connect with the Atma Clinic. Dr. Neela Sandal provides exactly the type of health care I've been looking for. I am very pleased to have the good fortune to co-coordinate my healthcare with someone who is compassionate, intelligent, and very well educated in many complimentary and alternative practices.

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  • Felt at Ease

    I am very happy with the care from Atma Clinic. I felt at ease talking to Dr. Sandal. He had very good recommendations that seemed right on target as I seem to be going through a rough time. Everyone there seems quite nice. I am also impressed with the ease of obtaining recommended supplements.

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